Monday, August 5, 2019

Marathon Retirement

After 30 years of crossing marathon finishlines my 314th marathon in Long Beach, California on October 13th will be my last and final marathon, I am retiring from 26.2 miles!!! It has been an amazing journey but it is starting to take a toll on me both mentally and physically.

 I have given so much of my life to marathons and I have no regrets with this decision as only 1% of the population has finished a marathon, let alone 314 of them! I had no idea what my future would be 10 years ago and completing 80 more marathons is what got me through this cancer journey!! 

I decided this was the perfect marathon to end with because it coincides with my 10 year cancer anniversary as well as breast cancer awareness month! My last marathon will be an epic celebration to an amazing running career! I have exceeded my expectations and have nothing but pride for what I have accomplished!! 

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